Director for Heritage: Kim Bibby-Wilson

“All of GMDT’s Interest Groups help to deliver regeneration projects and support other groups operating within the Morpeth area. Our ethos is to work in partnership for the benefit of the community, so if you are interested in working with us on a heritage project – please get in touch.”


The Heritage Group works together to identify, develop and deliver heritage projects and activity; and to promote local heritage in Morpeth and its surrounding areas. An important role is facilitating the town-wide Morpeth Heritage Network, the quarterly forum of relevant organisations which monitor heritage issues.

All our projects aim to improve the Morpeth area for the community and visitors to the town, and to increase visitor numbers by promoting history and heritage to facilitate and enhance the area’s tourism offer. GMDT actively supports Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering (April) which is a mainstay of the town’s events calendar, and delivers the annual Heritage Open Days (September). We have over 7 years also helped local author Bridget Gubbins to publish a Morpeth Heritage Book Series.

We also identify projects to be developed that relate to protecting and promoting local heritage and history. Over the years, the group has been involved with many projects across Morpeth, including the restoration of such varied sites as: Morpeth Town Hall; Emily Wilding Davison’s grave; High Stanners sewer gas lamp. Other successful activities include the Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood bust appeal, providing interpretation panels signage located at various heritage sites throughout Morpeth, and creating a Heritage Walking Trail leaflet.

Please visit our GMDT Volunteers page for further information.

We also work with several GMDT Associate Member community partners:

Friends of Morpeth Museum

Morpeth Antiquarian Society

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