Community Projects

Greater Morpeth Development Trust (GMDT) has been in existence since 2006 and the diverse range of projects carried out over the past 15 years could not have happened without the support of our staff, partners, funders, volunteers and members.

GMDT has continued its objective of developing partnership networks,  facilitating the development of initiatives, and through the skill base in the team adding value wherever possible to make Morpeth a quality place to live, visit and work.

We have a staff team of 2 part time members, supported by an enthusiastic board of Trustees, to deliver a portfolio of projects with consistent quality. Through engaging volunteer support and strong partnership working, we can maintain our level of service and delivery.

There continues to be a strong commitment from GMDT to support the economy of Morpeth. Following the completion of our Morpeth Railway Station project in 2020, we are now securing tenants for the new office spaces, the café and taxi caboose.

Before Sept 2018 (above) and after March 2020 (below) external photos for easy comparison.

The current operating environment continues to be challenging and our focus is on developing income generation through projects such as the Railway Station, and ongoing project management activities eg. Cresswell Pele Tower.

Our focus for 2021 – 2023 is to promote inter-generational projects and activities.  We are currently working in partnership with Barnabas Safe & Sound to establish a “Men’s Shed”, where people from the local community can come along to share hobbies and skills while chatting and getting to know new people.  Some tools have been purchased using a grant from the Community Lottery Fund ;and young people from Barnabas Safe and Sound are going to be building the benches for future users of the Man’s Shed.

Some of our volunteers have offered to work at Morpeth Library on developing a Friendship Project.  Funding has been secured from the Community Lottery Fund to purchase board games, gardening tools, catering equipment and publicity materials to help establish regular friendship group sessions centred on the interests of group members.  There will also be support offered for people to develop their IT skills.  We were working in partnership with Morpeth Library as ‘Volunteer Friends ‘ and ‘Digital Champions’ to help people in the library and since May 2022 a games group has been established on a Thursday morning.

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