Signage / Interpretation

Non statutory signage such as information boards erected by the Trust and various other parties in the last decade or so has made a major contribution in improving Morpeth town’s resident and visitor offer. We have recorded some 106 signs primarily in and around the Town Centre and various nearby countryside locations, with a view to ensuring that these are satisfactorily maintained. This signage is quite varied and ranges from finger posts, to interpretation panels incorporating wildlife artwork and heritage information, directional signs with town maps, and appreciably older distance indicator structures or panels.

In Summer 2016 we carried out a major signage audit to confirm location, current condition, and to identify potential new sites. Of the 106 signs we reviewed, 21 were assessed as needing immediate repair and maintenance, and work to 5 was directly undertaken by Trust volunteers.

After discussion with Morpeth Town Council we were delighted that they agreed to resource the remainder of the maintenance programme later that year, and on an ongoing basis. This signage audit, which also includes photographs, will enable GMDT or any other party to more readily monitor the condition of Morpeth’s non statutory signage at regular intervals. The survey also includes a number of possible additional signs which were identified in the Castle Woods & Water project, but not erected because of resource limits eg. Mitford Castle / Morpeth Castle. Consequently there remains scope to supplement the current provision if further resources can be identified.

In recent years Morpeth has increasingly benefitted from forms of street art and landscape features added to its townscape. We feel this adds to the character and uniqueness of the town, although not everyone might agree on the merits of some features! In 2017, as another example of our work we repainted the poem on the 100 steps and bandstand in Carlisle Park.