Bluebell Woods / Local Green Spaces

We continue to liaise with TEP ( local landscaping/ecology experts) on behalf of the owners for further work in and around Bluebell Woods, using a GMDT feasibility study which will be assessed against the TEP 10 year Woodland Management Plan.

Because the woods are adjacent to and provide a link from Easter Field to Howburn Wood, various possible improvements such as occasional seating and path improvements in Easter Field are included in this study.

ITEM 3—Steps now added to path  between Easter Field and Bluebell Wood

The Group continues to monitor public footpaths and bridleways and permissive paths in the Morpeth area, to undertake minor remedial work, and to lobby landowners and Northumberland County Council when issues arise eg. we continue to lobby NCC to designate a public footpath through Howburn Wood.