Arts & Culture

Director for Arts & Culture: Frank Rescigno

“If you are interested in arts & culture, have an idea relating to this area, or you are looking for a new interest please contact us. We would love to hear from you.”

Next Arts & Culture meeting: 2.00pm Thurs 03/11/2022

The Arts & Culture Group works to provide artistic and cultural activity to the people of Morpeth and the surrounding areas. The group regularly meet to discuss projects, activities and ideas.

We offer a variety of cultural events: monthly Morpeth Community Cinema on the first Friday of the month; annual Morpeth Movie Weekend (usually February); professional theatre with the Northumberland Theatre Company 2 to 3 times per year; and our latest offering Morpeth Theatre Evenings which we initiated in May 2018 with a production from the National Theatre, London of ‘The Audience’ starring Helen Mirren – we plan to have 2 of these special evenings each year.

A new weekend event Morpeth Book Festival was planned by GMDT, in partnership with Northumberland Libraries. The inaugural event took place on Sat 9th & Sun 10th April 2022, and we hope this will now become an annual literary event in our calendar.

Plus each July we organise ‘Picnic in the Park’ – a fabulous free & friendly family fun community event in Carlisle Park.

The group is currently looking for new members and would like to extend to a more varied age group, specifically youth and 30 something’s. We are looking to provide activities that will appeal to a more varied audience. Please visit our GMDT Volunteers page for further information.

We also work with several GMDT Associate Member community partners:

Mid Northumberland Chorus

Morpeth Art Group

Morpeth Music Society

Morpeth Pantomime Society

St George’s Community Players