“Along with Network Rail, we have been seeking a tenant to restore and use the magnificent Morpeth Station for over a decade. In recent years we have developed a close relationship with the Greater Morpeth Development Trust, and have been delighted to see them shape a project to use the building, and then get it funded and now delivered. We are aware how frustrating it has been for the Trust, and particularly for David Lodge, to get the work agreed, funded and then started, but the finished job is looking as more than worth the effort and frustrations. We think that the level of restoration has been superb, especially with the re-erection of the chimneys, long missing, and giving Benjamin Green’s station design its original sense of balance and grandeur. We are looking forward to the building opening in its new role, and to eventually having the canopy repainted so the whole station is back in its original North Eastern Railway colour scheme.”

Andy Savage, Railway Heritage Trust, Executive Director


“Working alongside GMDT is and has been such a positive experience. With the pragmatic and proactive team being from varied backgrounds all sharing the core values of caring, creating and maintaining a better environment for the local community, whilst consulting and involving the community at the same time, is fantastic. I believe that value and attitude should be modelled and adopted across all our communities.”

Carl Gilbert, STP, Principal Contractor – Morpeth Station Project


“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with GMDT on a number of heritage projects in and around Morpeth. Our latest partnership project is the restoration of Cresswell Pele Tower which was built in the 14th century as a defence against the Border Reivers but is now in a poor state of repair and on Historic England’s “Heritage at Risk” register. GMDT’s support, expertise and experience has been crucial in helping us raise £900,000 to restore the tower and deliver a highly successful community archaeology project. By this time next year the tower will be open to visitors and a significant part of Northumberland’s heritage saved for future generations to enjoy.”

Barry Mead, Volunteer


“Working with GMDT has been a wonderful experience, it is heart-warming to see passionate local people investing so much time and effort in local community projects. We have developed an incredible working relationship built on trust and respect and the common goal of making Morpeth a wonderful place to both live and visit. All of this would not be possible without the fantastic staff including Frank and Barry who are absolute ambassadors to the Trust.”

Sarah Jayne Kennedy Robson, Tourism Officer – Morpeth


“Over this past year, I have been busy researching and writing up the next story about Morpeth’s early history. This is about how the Northumbrian Gospatric family and the Norman de Merlay family united through the marriage between Juliana and Ranulph. Exciting activities are pending, including a full history with a children’s version, and an associated dramatic performance. All this time, as these researches are taking place in the background, the GMDT has given me sufficient support to enable development of these ideas. I couldn’t do all this work for Morpeth without them!”

Bridget Gubbins, Morpeth Author


“I have worked alongside the Greater Morpeth Development Trust for around 4 years now primarily on the Picnic in the Park event as the host site. The event is always a pleasure to work on alongside the GMDT staff and their dedication to providing a first class community event is admirable.”

Frances Povey, NCC Parks Manager


“Heritage Lottery Fund has said that they are “really proud” of what has been achieved through the Emily Inspires! project which is testament to the absolute quality and appropriateness of what you are all delivering.”

Nigel Walsh, Service Manager, NCC Culture Leisure & Tourism


“We have worked with GMDT on a number of successful projects over the past 6 years, not only has the team at GMDT been a pleasure to work with, they are also extremely efficient and approachable; no task is overlooked and a strong community ethos is always at the heart of their endeavours. Long may this great asset to the community continue.”

late Sarah Shotton, Cultural Administrator, Collingwood School & Media Arts College


“It’s a pleasure working with the Greater Morpeth Development Trust on a number of positive projects in the Town. The Morpeth Town Team is a proactive team of stakeholders who meet on a monthly basis. As a result, the town is being publicised, events are being organised and planned and positive developments are continuing within the town.”

Medi Parry, former Centre Manager, Sanderson Arcade


“I am continually impressed by the contribution that the Development Trust makes to the community life of Morpeth. I’m familiar with its partnership working with the Town Council and within the Town Team – but what really impresses me was quite how many of the clubs, organisations, schools etc. have worked and continue to work with the Trust.”

Councillor Nic Best, Morpeth Town Council


“Volunteering with GMDT offers opportunity to make a positive difference within our Morpeth community, meet new friends, and work together as a volunteer team. Moving forward I want to help deliver Community Actions previously identified within Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan.”

Simon Cox, Volunteer


“Recently I decided to volunteer in my local community and chose GMDT because of the variety of opportunities on offer. In the past 12 months I have done everything from helping at the monthly Community Cinema to helping staff a memorabilia event for the Morpeth Railway Station project and I am currently co-ordinating the 2016 Heritage Open Days programme. GMDT is a friendly, welcoming organisation and I have made many new friends and feel included in their work.”

Val Knowles, Volunteer


“The Greater Morpeth Development Trust enriches the town and its wider area. Their hard work can be seen in the events they organise and the work they do to develop historic sites in the town. Over the last year the town enjoyed another successful Picnic in the Park and witnessed improvements at Morpeth Railway Station almost reach completion. Other regular activities such as litter picking continue to allow people to get involved with improving the town.”

Councillor Jack Gebhard, Morpeth Town Council